For Immediate Release / 6th January 2019: CCFW Kidpreneur Founder, Producer, & Owner Mateusz Wojnarowicz, 13 lat, launches CCFW 2019: 6th Annual Charleston Children's Fashion Week featuring CCFW is Art by Mateusz Wojnarowicz and Kindness in Kids Fashion Festival.Charleston Children's Fashion Week® is the youth arts, production, and business project of Mateusz Wojnarowicz International Homeschool. European Multiracial US-Poland Dual Citizen Mateusz Wojnarowicz creates his own opportunities for his Indie Kid Fashion, Art, Music, & Media.

Charleston Children's Fashion Week Presents CCFW 2019 

The 6th Annual Charleston Children's Fashion Week

"Downtown Charleston is my runway."-Mateusz Wojnarowicz Founder/Producer/Owner

CCFW 2018

The 5th Annual

Charleston Children's Fashion Week®

Presented By

Mateusz Wojnarowicz

CCFW Kidpreneur Founder/Producer/Owner

"Downtown Charleston is My Runway."-M. Wojnarowicz

Featuring his MWBC Collection, Art, Music, & Multimedia

Downtown Charleston SC / Worldwide / January-December 2018

​​​"Downtown Charleston is my runway."

-Mateusz Wojnarowicz

Kidpreneur Founder/Producer/Owner

Charleston Children's Fashion Week®

Charleston Children's Fashion Week®​ is the

Youth Arts, Production, & Business Project of

Mateusz Wojnarowicz International Homeschool
Downtown Charleston SC / Contact CCFW Online: